The overarching goal of The Virtual Brain Cloud (TVB-Cloud) is personalized prevention and treatment of dementia. To achieve generalizable results that help individual patients, The Virtual Brain Cloud integrates the data of large cohorts of patients and healthy controls through multi-scale brain simulation using The Virtual Brain (or TVB) simulator. There is a need for infrastructures for sharing and processing health data at a large scale that comply with the EU general data protection regulations (or GDPR). The VirtualBrainCloud consortium closes this gap, making health data actionable. Elaborated data protection concepts minimize the risks for data subjects and allow scientists to use sensitive data for research and clinical translation.

TVB-Cloud is a project of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and infrastructure facility of EBRAINS.


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Brain Atlas Web App

Try our interactive Brain Atlas web app now!

You can flip, rotate, and click around this online 3D model to learn about the different regions of the brain and their functions.

Available in: English, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Polish, Spanish.


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TVB-Cloud featured in the Ars Aequi Podcast

TVB-Cloud was presented by Michael Cepic and Mariana Rissetto on Ars Aequi - a podcast led by the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law at the University of Vienna.

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International School of Brain Cells & Circuits Lecture

Modeling the brain course

Prof. Petra Ritter will teach at the International School of Brain Cells & Circuits “Camillo Golgi” 2021 course Modeling the brain. She will give a lecture on Modeling neurodegenerative disorders.

The course will be offered from Nov 30 to Dec 4 in Erice, Sicily, Italy.

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31st Alzheimer Europe Conference

Digital Event

Prof. Ritter will give a keynote at the 31st Alzheimer Europe Conference, Resilience in dementia: Moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

The keynote lecture is entitled, From virtual brain simulation to personalised prevention and treatment of dementia and will take place online on the 30th of November, 2021.

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Bernstein Conference 2021

Digital Event

Meet the Spokesperson of the National Research Data Initiative in Neuroscience NFDI-Neuro. Prof. Ritter and her team at the Bernstein Conference 2021.

The digital event will take place on September 21-23. A dedicated booth will be offering information on Research Data Management in Neuroscience.

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Meet the Berlin Mayor, Prof. Detlev Ganten & Prof. Petra Ritter at Berlin City Hall

Berlin, Germany

Prof. Petra Ritter will be part of an exciting talk “Große ForscherInnen, kleine ForscherInnen: Wissenschaftsgenerationen im Gespräch mit“ hosted by Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Science and Research.

The event is free and family friendly. The talk is in German, and starts August 14th at 1100.

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HBP & The European Brain Summit 2021

Brussels, Belgium

Meet Prof. Ritter at the HBP & The European Brain Summit 2021. She will be on the panel What to expect from technology and treatment innovation in brain health.

The summit will be held in Brussels, from the 12th to the 15th of October. The four-day event features:

· The European Brain Summit on October 12

· Two days of an open scientific conference from October 14-15

The European Brain Summit is an event for EU policymakers organized in partnership with the European Brain Council.

The objective is to deliver insights about the future of brain research in Europe and discuss how the EU can advance brain health research and lead scientific breakthroughs.

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Conferences & Events

McGill Summer School: The Virtual Brain lecture and workshop

Learn to use The Virtual Brain: Petra Ritter will give a lecture with subsequent hands on session at the McGill Summer School in Nonlinear Dynamics for the Life Sciences with Applications to Neuroscience and Psychology.

Registration is open!

Find out more about the event here.

Brain Connectivity Workshop 2021

Brain Connectivity Workshop goes virtual in May 2021 with the topic Consciousness and Cognition.

The program is online and registration is now open here.

Please register and meet speakers from The Virtual Brain & Virtual Brain Cloud teams.

Find more information about the workshop series since 2002 here.

The virtual Brain lecture and workshop

TVB @ McGill Summer School

Learn to use The Virtual Brain: Petra Ritter will give a lecture with subsequent hands on session at the McGill Summer School in Nonlinear Dynamics for the Life Sciences with Applications to Neuroscience and Psychology.

Registration is open!

Find out more about the event here.

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Latest Publications

Brain Network Simulations Indicate Effects of Neuregulin-1 Genotype on Excitation-Inhibition Balance in Cortical Dynamics.

Cerebral Cortex
doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhaa339

The Bayesian Virtual Epileptic Patient: A probabilistic framework designed to infer the spatial map of epileptogenicity in a personalized large-scale brain model of epilepsy spread

doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2020.116839


Movement Disorders After Hypoxic Brain Injury Following Cardiac Arrest in Adults

European Jounal of Neurology
doi: 10.1111/ene.14326


VirtualBrainCloud partners

The world-leading experts in clinical research on neurodegenerative diseases and mathematical modelling develop a computational platform for translational research that integrates clinical data from molecular biology and neurology, using nonlinear systems theory as framework. Central to this platform is a multi-scale multi-omics brain model that spans spatiotemporal scale from molecules to organs and from nanoseconds to years.


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