The VirtualBrainCloud (TVB-Cloud) progress

The objective of The VirtualBrainCloud (TVB-Cloud) project is to develop and validate the VirtualBrainCloud platform, a dedicated cloud-based environment that leverages the potential of big data and high-performance computing (HPC) for personalized prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (NDD). TVB-Cloud is embedded in The European Cloud Initiative. It combines already existing technologies and contributes to the development of new Information and communication technology (ICT) services while ensuring the appropriate data safety and protection.

The progress of the TVB-Cloud project described below on a yearly basis. TVB-Cloud results @ EC Cordis


project results and achievements


events, dissemination and communication

Public summary on TVB-C progress - period 2 -  01.06.2020 - 30.11.2021

Brain Connectivity Workshop
“Personalized Multi-scale Brain Simulation” Virtual Course
15th International Conference on Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Disease AD/PD 2021
Alzheimer Europe co-hosts European Parliament Workshop on “Digital data for dementia research and innovation”
Brain Connectivity Workshop 2021
The virtual Brain lecture and workshop at McGill Summer School
Brain simulation in a GDPR compliant infrastructure at the HBP Internal Day, Human Brain Project Summit 2021
International School of Brain Cells & Circuits Lecture
National Research Data Infrastructure Initiative (NFDI) Neuroscience at the NFDI Conference 2021
5th HBP Student Conference on Interdisciplinary Brain Research
NER'21 Symposium Advanced Electrophysiology Signatures of Neurodegenerative Disease
15th International Conference on Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Disease AD/PD 2021
Conference Rehabweek 2021. IFESS program Special session on Neuroscience, Rehabilitation and Man-Machine Interfaces.

scientific publications

Virtual Connectomic Datasets in Alzheimer's Disease and Aging Using Whole-Brain Network Dynamics Modelling
Bridging Scales in Alzheimer's disease: Biological framework for brain simulation with The Virtual Brain. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics
EEG measures for clinical research in major vascular cognitive impairment: Recommendations by an Expert Panel. Neurobiology of Aging.
Brain Simulation as a Service: The Virtual Brain on the European Research Platform EBRAINS (2021)
Multi-scale brain simulation with integrated positron emission tomography yields hidden local field potential activity that augments machine learning classification of Alzheimer’s disease
Virtual deep brain stimulation: Multiscale co-simulation of spiking basal ganglia model and whole-brain mean-field model with The Virtual Brain
A deep learning approach to estimating initial conditions of brain network models in reference to measured fMRI data


events, dissemination and communication

Public summary on TVB-C progress - period 1 - 01.12.2018 - 31.05.2020

Stakeholder conference on GDPR-impact
Stream: Bridging the gap between new technologies, health research and the protection of personal data
Stakeholder conference: Specific issues of neurodegenerative diseases – The patients’ perspective: AI approaches for dementia research, diagnosis & treatment & Dementia research and AI: ethical, legal and social implications
European Parliament Workshop: Digital data for dementia research and innovation (recordings)
TVB-Cloud booth @ Realising the European Open Science Cloud Expo
Advances in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Therapies Fokus Meeting
The Virtual Brain Node#10 Workshop: Personalized Multi-Scale Brain Simulation
Publishable Project Summary
TVB-Cloud Project Video
Data Sharing in Health Research Webinar

scientific publications

Mapping the European Legal Framework on Security Requirements for Cloud Computing Infrastructures in the Healthcare Sector
Brain Network Simulations Indicate Effects of Neuregulin-1 Genotype on Excitation-Inhibition Balance in Cortical Dynamics
From genes to network models of Alzheimer's disease: Biological framework for multi-scale brain simulation with The Virtual Brain
Evaluating the Alzheimer's Disease Data Landscape
The Bayesian Virtual Epileptic Patient: A probabilistic framework designed to infer the spatial map of epileptogenicity in a personalized large-scale brain model of epilepsy spread
Movement Disorders After Hypoxic Brain Injury Following Cardiac Arrest in Adults
Proposal of an Architecture for Terminology Management in a Research Project
Complexity Matching: Brain Signals Mirror Environment Information Patterns during Music Listening and Reward.
Modeling brain dynamics after tumor resection using The Virtual Brain
Are unimanual movements bilateral?